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High winds take roof Monday night
High winds take roof Monday night

High winds take roof Monday night

DISMANTLING AA BUILDING ROOF—Workers with JYD Scrap Metal of Littlefield, were busy Tuesday morning, breaking away the metal beams from the metal roofing that was blown off the Alcholics Anonymous building Monday evening, at the intersection of West Second and XIT Drive. (This scene is to the south front of the former Littlefield Hospital building). The Alcohol Anonymous building is on the east side of the former hospital building. Here Henry Miles was working on the metal on the left near the vehicle, while his co-worker, was knocking out the wooden braces between the metal beams. Another man was passing by on the right. (Staff Photos by Joella Lovvorn)

Crop and Pest Situation Update

Cotton ranges from dryland still waiting on a good rain shower to get a stand to 6 leaf cotton plants. Many area fields it is difficult to count number of leaves since the blow on Tuesday. It has been awhile since we have had a good general rain and it is now critical that we receive one in the next 10 days. The only bright spot, besides how peanuts look, is the fact that we are not experiencing much in the way of thrips pressure. As of scouting today I feel we still must scout for thrips as the health of most of our cotton acres is compromised from wind damage. Any additional stress and feeding to terminals would be a death nail.


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