Anchored in Galveston…

By Dr. Don Newbury

Surely, the passing of 75 years knocks the edges from the fib of a 15- year-old, as well as a military doctor who ignored height and weight requirements for a youngster on his second try to join the US Navy.

Eddie Janek, reared by his widowed mother during the Depression in West, TX, stood 5’1” and weighed 98 pounds. He had “enlisted” several months earlier, but when authorities learned he was underage, he was sent home. Soon, though, he hopped a train to Galveston—his home for the past 75 years. There, he “re-upped,” this time bolstered by “doctored” Catholic confirmation records. During four years in the Pacific, he landed at both Leyte and Peleliu, where he saw death “up close.” He distinguished himself during both WWII and the Korean War….


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