Dr. W.B. “Bill” Jones, Jr. of Littlefield has been with the soil research project at (Sustainable Agriculture Research Association) SARA -Spade since it was organized, 10 miles east of Littlefield. SARA-Spade has a 10-acre experimental No-Till Cover Crop farm land, to find ways to control wind erosion and water erosion, and to improve rain absorption and avoid water run-off. He is shown with a Dakon Radish that was planted June 24, 2017, and this one, like most of the others, is 15 inches long. Jones said that this year’s radishes were much bigger, since they had a lot of rain. “Last year’s were about half as big”, he said, since they didn’t get as much rain. “Our studies are being done, since our underground water supply is gradually being depleated.” They want to be ahead of the situation, and have information on what to do, if water becomes no longer available.


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