A Cup of Joe...

What an adventure it’s been!! While you read this, it’ll have been seven days without my wife. I told you last week she had to leave to Houston because of work for two weeks. Remember, I also said “I GOT THIS!” Well, so far, so good. My neighbor and friend Pam Bownd said it best on a Facebook post this week, “I haven’t seen ambulance, police, (the) fire department or CPS at the house, so I guess you are doing a good job.” Yes. None of those (thankfully) have paid a visit. So I guess we are doing good. Friday, Diego stayed in Levelland with his cousin, and the girls had the chance to hang out with me. I took them when I went to take football pictures at both the Sudan and Amherst football games. As usual, it cost me and arm an a leg. I’m telling you, those kids are either hungry or thirsty 99 percent of the time! They enjoyed hanging out with Dad, but soon, were both sleepy and ready to get home. The next day, it was time for ballet class. I had to put their hair in a bun. Clarissa’s hair isn’t quite long enough, so that was easy. But for Emma, like I said before, she “could do it herself”. I pulled her over and said, “I GOT THIS!” We get to ballet, and class hasn’t even started, when I look over and the bun doesn’t look like a bun. I quickly try to fix it, but while doing so, the rubber band pops! Welp, what was I going to do. Janet Cotton looks over and hands me another band while telling me every good ballet mom always carries extras. I learned something that day. Later that day, my sister-in-law calls and asked me to take the girls over. She wanted to keep them for the night. Was this really happening? Was I going to be both wife-less and kidless?!?! YES!!! IT WAS HAPPENING!! I drop the girls off, and get into the car. I had no idea what to do. Like my kids, the first thought that came to mind was “I’m hungry!” I go to Subway, get me a sandwich and to my OLDER sister Corinna’s house. She’s the oldest. Did I mention she’s older than me? I bug her for about an hour and watch while she decorates for fall. She owns a lot of pumpkin stuff. After I annoyed my OLDER sister, it was time for me to leave. I get in the car, and I think to myself, “what next?” “I’m going to Lubbock!” I’m serious, my mind was racing one hundred miles an hour! FREEDOM!!!! I get to Lubbock and I find myself browsing the Lowe’s Home Improvement for paint. PARTYANIMAL!!! After browsing the paint section, I found myself looking at toilet bowls. Seriously, I have no idea why, but you’d think I was looking at purchasing a new car the way I was eyeing those bad boys. I get back into the car, and what was next. This freedom wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. I missed, and I’m being serious, Jessica’s rabid back-seat-driver comments. I missed hearing the kids asking for food every five seconds. This was no fun. I paid a quick visit to my cousin, Jake, where we talked about video games and super hero movies. PARTYANIMAL!!! Then I was off again. I thought to myself, “I should go shoot some pool.” But instead of the pool hall, I found myself in the Target parking lot. I’m walking around Target and my phone rings. It’s Jessica. She asks me what I’m doing, and I tell her I’m at Target. “You’re at Target? What are you doing at Target?! She asks me. “I figured you’d be playing pool or hanging out with some friends.” Nope. I was at Target. What was I doing at Target?Well, you’ll probably believe this, but I was checking out the Halloween costumes and they had some really nice Star Wars costumes. It was around 9 p.m. and I was tired. It was time to get home. I walked into the house and it was soooo quiet! A little too quiet. This freedom was no bueno. I hated it because I missed my wife and kids. Why is it when you are alone, you think every possible sound if the cuycuy (monster) coming to get you? Because that night, I thought that! It was like I was eight or nine years-old again! I might or might not have slept with all the lights on that night. The next day, I couldn’t get to Levelland fast enough to get the kids. We made a quick stop at Wal-Mart, and even though they were annoying me, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. It just felt right. Plus, I was able to hear my wife’s voice, and once again, life was good. Hope everyone has a blessed week!

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