A new 4-H Science program has just been initiated for Lamb County 4-H members who are interested in the subject of Soil Health. Students are using a biology microscope to examine soil samples from garden soil and from compost. They are also working with adults in building compost bins, following a design from Charlie Meier, NRCS-retired, with assistance from Dr. Bill Jones of Littlefield, who is affiliated with the SARA-SPADE Microbiology Project. Shown are Charlie Meier of Littlefield, and the first two 4-H students, Gavin and Cobey Sawyer of Amherst, who made the compost drum behind them. All 4-H members in Lamb County, who wish to participate in the new 4-H program, are invited to contact Dr. Bill Jones at 385-5208, to receive information.


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