A Cup of Joe...

By Joe Gonzales


Well, this Sunday, October 7th, my sweet little Clarissa is turning eight-years-old. EIGHT.YEARS.OLD! I can’t believe it! I know I say this all the time, about all my kids, but just yesterday, we were bringing them home from the hospital. They had that sweet new-baby smell! They were cute and cuddly! They slept all the time! I mean, they also cried. But that’s what babies do – they cry. And poop. All three of my kids were Poopers! Sorry, I know a lot of you will file that last tidbit of information into the “I didn’t need to know that” file. But I had to share it. So, where am I going with this? Let me think for a second...okay. I got it. Clarissa is turning eight this weekend and she hasn’t let us forget about it. She started talking about her birthday back in January of this year. Or it could have been sooner than that. I’m not sure. Anyway, her birthday-giftwish- list is pretty long. And as usual, we, Jessica and I-Me-myself, have no idea what half of the toys she wants are, or how to pronounce the names of some of them.


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