Good Times Under the Sun…

by Dr. Don Newbury 

The number of folks who enjoy cruising is growing markedly each year, and many serious cruisers will head for a cruise port at the drop of a hat—and they’ll provide the hat. Some provide the most obscure reasons to justify another vacation on the high seas. Sorta like imbibers who—before bending elbows—drag out the old line about it being five o’clock somewhere. (This excuse ranks ahead of the one about drinking “for health reasons.”)

Count us among that group—the cruise bunch—who figure there’s a cruise ship somewhere going, well, somewhere. After all, the vessel and its ports of call grab our attention, sometimes without much thought about the miles required to get there (Despite current examples to the contrary, we’ve never found the skies to be anything but friendly, and further enticements include “transFAREnt” plane tickets.)

Failure to recognize fetching locales is a monumental mistake for several reasons. For one, it’s a simple matter to add days and call it a “cruise/land vacation.” For two—and it’s a big TWO—arriving early can assure leisurely boarding while others sometimes battle weather delays and travel hang-ups….


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