New Thoughts from an Old Guy. . .

Dr. Don Newbury.
I’m guessing my Uncle Mort’s “forward thinking” for the new year more likely is akin to “slumgullion stew,” or simply a “hodge-podge” of thoughts he’s carried forward to the new year. His ideas are a “mish-mash” of miscellaneous ingredients rolled together, some of ‘em dating back a half-century or so. Included in the current mulling of my 101-year-old kin are truths, halftruths, what he’s heard, what he thinks he’s heard, and “hoopla” about government health insurance. Altogether, they are light years away from reality. “Slumgullion” fits about as well as anything. Again this year, truth is stranger than fiction, and it’s growing ever tougher to tell ‘em apart….


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