Social Media’s Christmas Miracle?. . .

By Dr. Don Newbury.
Likelihood is great that airlines of the world--most of them maligned by flustered flyers venting their feelings when flights go awry--owe much gratitude to a single member of their flock. WestJet, a Canadian airline, has become a social media darling with a “feel good” Christmas video that has rocketed far to the right of “viral” on YouTube and other Internet sites. For five minutes-- brief and shining moments in multiple languages around the world--it’s reaping tears of joy from multiple millions of viewers. It has promoted a sense of “oneness” for 150 airline employees whose joint efforts made the miracle possible, as well as a “lean-back” kind of satisfaction for those who dreamed it up. Results include awakened sugarplum imaginations, as well as recommitment to seeking peace on earth, good will toward men….
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